Sustainable Agriculture
Friday October 18, 2019

Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture remains the backbone of Uganda’s economy and contributes greatly to the household and national food security, income generation, employment creation and foreign exchange earnings among others. Yet, people in rural communities continue to practice poor farming methods which lead to poor farm yields and food shortage. NICE engages farmers to adopt proper land use practices particularly soil erosion control, organic manure application and crop specialization.

Our Agricultural Programs in the Northern Uganda cover the districts of Apac and Kole District where a total of 700 farmers are reached, organized into 14 groups and formed into 2 associations.

The strategic objectives for the agricultural programs of NICE can be expressed as below:

  1. To improve the knowledge and skills of NICE farmers in integrated crop, livestock and agro forestry farming.
  2. To improve the access to production resources among NICE farmers.
  3. To develop and strengthen group marketing among NICE farmers.
  4. To increase collaboration between NICE, community beneficiary groups and local authorities.

Northern Initiative for Community Empowerment has for the last 2 years been undertaking agriculture programs that are holistically planned to impart knowledge and skills but also to supply inputs like seeds and farm implements to kick start and /or enhance crop, livestock or fish farming.

Some achievements:

  • In the Apac District a total of 500 farmers are reached, organized into 10 farmer groups while in Kole District, NICE has reached a total of 200 farmers, organized into 4 farmer groups
  • A network of 30 agriculture trainers were trained by NICE in collaboration with district production officials and agriculture training institutions.
  • Adaption of energy saving technologies and use of alternative energy sources is on an increase, for example 75 households have kitchen facilities, while 115 beneficiaries have fuel saving stoves.
  • All the 14 groups have established Savings and Credit schemes which enhance access to credit for the households and they also engage in on-farm and off-farm small scale businesses
  • A total of 190 households have accessed from the agricultural projects at least 2 major improved crops for food and income and are now in active production.
  • 10 groups have received 2 bulls each and a plough.

 Looking into the near future, NICE under this thematic area has a strategic objective to develop capacity, skills and technologies in agriculture for improved food security and sustainable environment for agricultural production.

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Northern Initiative for Community Empowerment (NICE) is a registered community based organization founded in May 2014 in Apac District-Uganda. NICE’s mission is to apply innovative initiatives aimed at empowering vulnerable women and youth to achieve sustainable, self-sufficient livelihoods and dignified lives. We implement our activities in Apac District, Uganda, which is over 500 Kilometers from Kampala – Uganda's Capital City. Our major target groups are Youths, Women and Children.


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