Youth Empowerment and Engagement
Friday October 18, 2019

Youth Empowerment and Engagement

Adolescent Health & Empowerment

 Priority Areas:

  • Provision of adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH) information and services to in- and out-of-school youth.
  • Prevention of teenage pregnancies.

Provision of ASRH Information and Services

Appropriate adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH) information and services are designed for both in- and out-of-school youth, and delivered through peer health clubs and integrated community outreaches.

Peer Health Clubs

In order build sustainable interventions among in-school youth, peer-to-peer health clubs have been created and monitored in eight Apac District secondary schools to date. Through these clubs, students inform and advise their fellow students regarding their growth and development challenges. Four clubs of at least 25 peer counselors each, are formed, trained and supported each year in Apac District, and they are continually monitored and supported by NICE staff. Through routine mentorship, provision of ASRH information, and peer-education materials they are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to help their fellow peers with their physical and emotional issues. Club members are trained in peer counseling and they are prepared to either counsel their peers or refer them when the case is beyond their scope.

Integrated Community Outreaches

Youth oriented dialogue meetings are held on a quarterly basis and they cover various ASRH topics to provide accurate information and address common misconceptions. In partnership with health workers in Public Health facilities, other Apac CBOs, and local government offices, the services offered include dissemination of Information Education Communication (IEC) materials, HIV counseling and testing, screening and treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections, and referrals on a case-by-case basis. 


Prevention of Teenage Pregnancies

The teenage pregnancy rate is 25% in Uganda, which is unacceptably high compared with global averages. It contributes the high maternal mortality rate of 438/100,000 live births and although a significant number survive death, many of these survivors remain with physical and psychological complications. When a young girl becomes pregnant in Uganda, she is forced to drop out of school and she will likely be kicked out of her parents' home. For these reasons, NICE focuses all departments on the prevention of teenage pregnancy and our mitigation measures involve;

  • Pre-adolescent Counseling in Primary Schools

NICE works with the Education sector in Apac District and primary schools administrators to reach out to especially young and vulnerable girls. Discussions on preparing for adolescence and its challenges are conducted with primary students annually. We also focus on teacher trainings in adolescent counseling and ASRH to ensure our efforts are sustainable and that the students have access to trusted adults with accurate information regarding their growth and development.

  • Cognitive Restructuring Classes for Pregnant Teenagers

Cognitive restructuring is a key component of the rehabilitation of pregnant teenagers and adolescent mothers. The vast majority of these mothers are psychologically devastated due to the trauma they've experienced and the uncertainty and difficulty in their futures. Routine counseling is conducted on a one-on-one basis. Cross cutting topics like life skills training, business skills, and health education are handled through our life skills classes under the Maternal Health Department. Annually, over 150 teen mothers are helped to cope with their daily challenges through these classes.

  • Vocational Skills Training for Teenage Mothers

Following the rehabilitation of teen mothers, mitigation measures are instituted to enhance their socioeconomic statuses and to further delay subsequent pregnancies. Each teen mother is encouraged to either go back to school or to acquire a skill. The skills trainings are provided at the NICE premises and in some cases, the girls are linked to other training centers. Please follow the link for vocational skills training under the drop down menu for more information about these courses.

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Northern Initiative for Community Empowerment (NICE) is a registered community based organization founded in May 2014 in Apac District-Uganda. NICE’s mission is to apply innovative initiatives aimed at empowering vulnerable women and youth to achieve sustainable, self-sufficient livelihoods and dignified lives. We implement our activities in Apac District, Uganda, which is over 500 Kilometers from Kampala – Uganda's Capital City. Our major target groups are Youths, Women and Children.


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